Ben Cerveny

Co-founder & President,

Portrait photo: Ben Cerveny

Ben has worked for over 25 years on concept prototyping, strategy, user interaction and experience design in the context of media applications, operating systems, web services, products, the built environment, and massively multiplayer games. He is constantly engaged in the investigation of innovative ways to improve the flow and play of a user's relationship with task or information.

Playfulness and play is in the curation of experiences and the ways that you make your maps of experience. Ben explores this as well as generative and parametric design through work with public software.

Cities that really work have texture, messiness, and a certain amount of chaos.

“A city can achieve consciousness through the growing self-awareness of its citizens about the system they're immersed in.”

“As services become increasingly automated, the city will be less about utility and more about UX design, an orchestrated, collaborative experience for all of its occupants.”