Janet Iwasa

Associate Professor, Illustrator (originally a cell biologist at UCSF),
University of Utah
1μm Illustration

Portrait photo: Janet Iwasa

Janet Iwasa is a research assistant professor in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Utah and owner of 1μm Illustration, a scientific visualization studio. Her broad goal is to create accurate and compelling molecular and cellular visualizations that will support research, learning and scientific communication. Janet's award-winning illustrations and animations have appeared in scientific journals including Nature, Science and Cell, as well as in the New York Times.

Things are happening in science right now that will have an impact on humanity, important to communicate what those are.

“At a molecular scale there is no consensus about how things are happening. There’s just different hypotheses.”

“one of the hotter fields right now is this idea that there's different phases in the cell... a protein... undergoes a phase transition and that's regulated… and there's all this kind of quality control mechanisms to basically get proteins to be there when they need to be there…. it's not just a mixture of proteins but an organized mixture of proteins.”