Alvise Simondetti


Portrait photo: Alvise Simondetti

Alvise, registered architect in Milan, has been formally educated in architecture, town planning, conservation, and computation. He believes that successful design cannot be separated from tools. He is a Fulbright Scholar, and a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2000, he joined Arup on the research and development team under the direction of Dr. Chris Luebkeman. He is an Associate in the Foresight + Research + Innovation team, leads the global Digital Environments neXt_work community within the firm. He is responsible for the business development of real-time synthetic environments.

Anywhere where there is human behavior, new methodologies of AI with machines will make a huge difference.

“The future is so complex that it is a bit like sending a ship to space. They're not going to design it the day before. It’s designed, then it’s approved.”

“Agent based modeling is broadly used in the simulation of real cities.”

“Activation and amplification exist in the cell as well as the built environment. It appears in systems like dynamic wayfinding directing train passengers to the exists in an emergency.”