Andrej Sali

Laboratory of Andrej Sali,
University of California, San Francisco

Portrait photo: Andrej Sali

Dr. Andrej Sali is interested in using computation grounded in the laws of physics and the theory of evolution to study the structure and function of proteins. His lab aims to improve and apply methods for predicting the structures of proteins, determining the structures of macromolecular assemblies, and annotating the functions of proteins using their structures. This research contributes to structure-based functional annotation of proteins and thus enhances the impact of genome sequencing, structural genomics, and functional genomics on biology and medicine.

Andrej’s research is in data visualization and sonification - using computational synthesis to generate sonic representations of data.

One major advantage of the toy model is that it tickles your imagination, because you can play… with the model and... construction, ...and… make it so you can pass your intuition.

“When you have a big problem you have push on both sides…”

“presenting the data and have some kind of description or even analysis of the data, with an attractive visualization”

“Visualizing the cell is very different from modeling the cell.”