Brent Bushnell

Inventor & CEO,
Two Bit Circus

Portrait photo: Brent Bushnell

Brent Bushnell is the CEO of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based experiential entertainment company and creators of STEAM Carnival, a traveling event to inspire kids about science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Brent is on fire about using play and spectacle to inspire inventors. He is passionate about rebranding STEM learning to STEAM with the inclusion of art and creativity. He is motivated by the power of group games and interactive media to bring people together in fun and meaningful ways. As a UCLA-trained engineer, he is a hands-on maker who uses rapid prototyping to turn vision into reality.

The evolution of entertainment it's been a lot about increasing your immersion in that world.  For the few thousand years, it was all very passive.

"A city operates based on a set of agreed-upon standards. You've seen when the standards are not recognized; it can be f**king doomsday."

"Education feels very top down and pedagogical. Inspiration and learning feels much more exciting. It's why I always start with play. Play is something you want to participating in because it’s just part of our nature. With school, I have to freaking show up for it and be talked at."