Shrikanth Narayanan

Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Linguistics; Psychology & Neuroscience; Pediatrics; Director, Signal Analysis & Interpretation Lab (SAIL),
University of Southern California

Portrait photo: Shrikanth Narayanan

Shrikanth is an interdisciplinary engineer-scientist with a focus on human-centered signal processing and informatics with speech and spoken language processing at its core. A prolific award-winning researcher, educator and inventor, with hundreds of publications to his credit, he has pioneered a number of research areas including in computational speech science, speech and human language technologies, audio and music, and behavioral signal processing and informatics.

Shrikanth’s work and perspective made us ask, “what would it feel like to be the city”? If the city could talk, what would it be telling to us? And how would we be responding?

If the city could talk, what would the city tell us?

“Language is a shared code that is evolved by cultural interactions and our environment, over time.”

“A city can achieve consciousness through the growing self-awareness of its citizens about the system they're immersed in.”