Stacey Finley

Associate Professor (Research),
Computational Systems Biology Laboratory, USC

Portrait photo: Stacey Finley

Dr. Stacey Finley directs the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory (CSBL) at USC. The CSBL constructs mechanistic models of biological processes and utilizes the models to provide quantitative insight into the dynamics and regulation of biological systems. The ultimate goal of this work is to aid in the development of novel therapeutics. To maximize the impact of this work, Dr. Finley’s lab has established collaborations with experimental and clinical researchers. More information about Dr. Finley’s research is available at:

Stacey’s approach is designing something that helped you ask different questions or lateral or creative questions about what you do.

The past decade has been about increase in computational resources. Now it’s about combining research together.

“... the values in this space are basically the error landscape, and so they communicate where you are in that parameter space and how the error changes as you traverse through the space.”

“How does targeting one pathway or one enzyme, influence the whole-body response?”