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Glucagon-like Peptide 1 Receptor


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Pathway Narrative:

GLP1 binds to GLP1-R, a G protein-coupled receptor located on the cell membrane, resulting in its activation, which leads to a conformational change.

Acts as a molecular radio switchboard that receives signals from outside the cell and transmits signals within it
Interacts with:
GLP1, G Protein, G alpha Subunit
Interesting Facts:

GLP1-R is present on both beta cells and alpha cells. It's activation in beta cells results in the insulin production pathway, while in alpha cells it results in the suppression of glucagon production.

Many major Type 2 Diabetes drugs are structurally designed to interact with GLP1-R, so as to activate the insulin secretion pathway. It is estimated that nearly 30% of all drugs on the market interact with G protein-coupled receptors.

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